Privacy / Disclaimer

Welcome to our Privacy slash Disclaimer page. Yes we know very few people read these but some people do and if you are one of those people then sit back and enjoy. No really, you must be either very very very bored, you live in your mom’s basement, or you have OCD and are a stickler for details and compliance. So let’s get started shall we…First Privacy. We like it, we believe in it, and we respect it. That’s it. We don’t store your info so we have nothing to sell. And we’re not the NSA so relax.

Second…Disclaimer. Through our site you’re gonna get advice to improve your life but we don’t promise anything. Hey if you live in your mom’s basement and you happen to follow one or two of the things we have in here then yeah…you’re probably going to improve your life. But then again, you live in your mom’s basement. Do just enjoy the content and relax. Life is good no matter what until it’s not. That is all.