Key Info

This page is sort of a place where we keep all of the key concepts that we think are important and that can help you right away. Some of it will be organized with references and links while most of it will be just our notes on what has worked the best for us personally in whatever area that particular thing is for. So some of it is just going to be short and sweet keynotes so that you can reference it to then learn more about it.

KEY CONCEPT – Habit Loops – having the proper structure when designing a habit is crucial. Make sure that the Cue is something that you will notice and is something that you already do. Don’t pick something that is brand new to trigger your habit. Make it something you do everyday like take off your shoes and put them buy the front door. The shoes hitting the floor by the door can be your cue.

KEY CONCEPT – Silent Meditation – It’s important that you integrate different types of meditation throughout your week. Especially if you are in a highly stressful or busy field. One of the types that will really help you is silence. To sit in silence and really have no other aim but to quiet down the internal dialogue. It’s difficult but you’d be surprised how silencing the stuff in our heads will do wonders. Most of that stuff is really just noise/interference that we pick up from the people around us. If you are around negative people you run the risk of picking up their negative thought patterns. Practicing silence is one way to train the brain to start to notice these hijacking thoughts and then get rid of them.

KEY CONCEPT – Action Alleviates Stress – Whenever a person is stressed out the best thing they can do is to do something…anything. The more physical the better. But even if the action is small it can be very cathartic if it is attached to the problem. For example, anytime you are stressed about the something you have to do, just taking one small action that moves you closer to accomplishing that thing will make you feel a ton better. Lots of scientific/psychological reasoning behind this but just remember Action Alleviates Stress. Just Do It and you’ll feel better.

KEY CONCEPT – Whether you Think You Can or You Can’t You’re Right – Cliche I know but super important for business. Need to shift to a can do mindset where you are looking for solutions and taking action. When you say you can’t you might be right but if you are wrong it will stop you in your tracks and occupy you with finding reasons to back up the fact that you can’t do something. Switch to language that is progressive that moves you in a direction. Something like…I’m not sure but I’m going to work on finding a solution. That way if there really isn’t a solution then you can at least train yourself to find out first before quitting and getting the actual results. Of course making a definitive choice of saying no immediately to something that might be difficult to do or waste a lot of time is also valuable but in that case you are recognizing that although there may be a solution you are choosing to say that you can’t do it in order to preserve your productivity.