Results Up Front – The New Paradigm

The internet is a wonderfully powerful thing and it is changing the way we are doing business. I’m not talking about the latest marketing platforms like Facebook ads, or Instagram. Rather, I am talking about what we need to do to actually get people to buy our products or services nowadays. Let’s face it, people have technologically induced ADHD and distrust. Short attention spans and an overexposure to information and BS.

People are less trusting and that poses a problem for businesses, especially new ones. How do you stand out against bigger companies that have 200 reviews on Angie’s list and 5,000 followers on their facebook fan pages? Well, the answer is simple and it actually comes from door to door vacuum cleaner salesman.

Back in the day these vacuum cleaner guys would come to your door with an overpriced yet good quality vacuum that you couldn’t get in the store. Then they would dump a bunch of dirt on your floor right in front of you. Before you could panic they would turn that sucker on and suck up the dirt so effectively that the spot where the dirt was would be cleaner than the rest of the existing carpet. Then they would empty the bag in the trash and then run it on a different spot after which they would open the bag and show the homeowner how dirty their carpet really is.

From there it would just be a matter of linking the dirt to all sorts of horrible outcomes that the homeowner might encounter and getting them to sign on the line that is dotted for hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Why did this approach work over and over again…RESULTS and PROOF!

That’s it. Nowadays people are hit with nonstop advertisements. Literally, we are being asked to spend our money on something from the time we get up to the time we go to bed. Advertisements are in our emails, on our phones, on the radio, the tv, text messages, Facebook posts, Tweets, restaurant menus, cabs, trains, planes, bathrooms…frigging everywhere and that means people have all learned to tune it out and for good reason. They would go crazy and broke really fast taking action on all the calls to action they are exposed to.

This is great news for you. All you have to do is find a way to deliver your product or service to your prospective clients up front. Maybe not the whole thing but some part of it that will benefit them and prove what you have works. Obviously you can’t do this with every product/service but you can provide them with some sort of value up front.

In my business we provide Web Marketing services to local businesses. Now if you know anything about SEO or web marketing then you know that these poor business owners get hit with solicitations to improve their websites on a daily basis. Many of them also have spent thousands and thousands on their websites and online advertising only to get nothing in return. They are jaded and over pitched. This is great for us because we can actually do what we say and give them clients before we ever even introduce ourselves. After a few thousand in new business most business owners can’t wait to meet the person who is responsible. Not all are happy but at least the smart ones are.

So find a way to give them results up front and you will no doubt enjoy a growing business/career.

SNAP Habits

What are SNAP Habits? Better yet, what is the SNAP Method? Quite simply it is the thing that’s going to help you change your life…finally.

SNAP is an acronym that stands for Spontaneous Neural Association Practice. Despite the complex sounding name the procedure is really quite simple and very effective. It is a principle which has many applications when it comes to your overall health, wealth, and happiness. You can use it with exercise, visualizations, accelerated learning, skill development and habit formation.

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